Rilakkuma Bee Mine Valentines Bento

Für alle, die diesem Blog noch nicht folgen, es lohnt sich! Absolut niedliches und kreatives Food-Design, fast zu schön zum Essen 😀

For those who don’t follow this blog, it is really worth it! Totally cute and creative food-design, almost too beautiful too eat 😀

Bento Days

Valentines Day is coming up real soon in a couple of days! Some of my fellow bento bloggers have decided to make some fun Valentines lunches for our Valentines blog hop today.

Here we have Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma dressed up in bee outfits. Instead of them telling each other to „Be Mine“ for Valentines Day, I made it a little more fun and did up a sign to say „Bee Mine“, hence the bee outfits.

Rilakkuma Bee Valentines bento | Bento Days Rilakkuma Bee Mine Valentines bento

Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma are made of onigiri, and the rice used to make Rilakkuma was coloured light brown by adding some teriyaki sauce to the rice. The bee outfits are made of egg. The „Bee Mine“ sign is a thin slice of bread with the words written on with melted chocolate.

Now hop on to see what Zoe’s Lunch Box has created, or click on the button below. Be sure…

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